About Us

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We are a professional, organized and very successful Mobile Dog Grooming Company that is committed to provide an excellent service to your lovely pet within certain areas throughout the Miami Dade County. Our experienced GROOMERS always try their best efforts to meet all your needs and expectations  when  Grooming your POOCH, as well as the value you have as a customer.  We LOVE and CARE as much as you do for your pet cause we know they are considered  part of your family, therefore they play a very important role in your life.
Our fully air conditioned van is equipped with state of the art tools and professional products to perform top of the line grooming work on your lovely pet and to provide an excellent service that not only will meet but will exceed your expectations at all times. We have the newest professional grooming tool called THE CLIPPER VAC which Dogs and Groomers love!!!

Some of the reasons why we all love the Clipper Vac are:
·        Hair is removed the instant it is cut.
·        Increases grooming speed up to 50% (Fast and Safe)
·        Helps protect against occupational diseases.
·        The blades remain sharp and cool.

This is a very important issue for us, to maintain hygiene at the highest level in our fleet. This will prevent your pet from getting any kind of infestations ( fleas & ticks), or any diseases or viruses that can be contagious from being in close contact  with other animals like Kennel Cough for instance, to name one of the most common viruses our pets can easily get when they’re in touch with other animals. Our trucks are cleaned right after every pet has been groomed.